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," a capitol hill heavyweight tells nancy cordes about his new plan to revolutionize the tax code. >>> plus dr. david agus with the controversy over fertility treatment. does it go too far to stop birth defects? >>> we begin with this morning's "eye-opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we saw the news that the storm was coming so we went down to the city yard to pick up sandbags. >> the west coast braces for a washout. southern californiaens loading up on supplies ahead two of pacific storms. >> many people worried about mudslides. >> water comes over, it looks like niagra falls. >> dropping temperatures from the midwest to the east, 20 to 30 degrees below normal. >> adding to the cold-weather problems, ice jams. >> you look at it and it's mass destruction. can't stop the ice. >> jan brewer won't say if she'll veto a controversial bill that allows arizona businesses to deny service to gays and lesbians. >> there's a lot of things we can bring into the state, and this just doesn't help at all in any of those. >> general motors links more deaths to a faulty ignition switch,
that because you're proposing cuts in benefits, tax breaks, eliminating, slowing down pay raises for some of those on military duty that you are in fact trying to balance the budget on the backs of these people who fought these wars. >> well, first of all, that's just not true. we're not making any recommendations on any retirement changes we're going to wait until the retirement commission was was impaneled if we need to do anything on retirement. this isn't just an arbitrary, unilateral approach to trying to slow the growth just to slow the growth. we've got to look at the long term commitments to our people. half of our budget today in the pentagon goes to pay compensation retirement and medical care. that will increase significantly. we're not cutting, we're proposing slowing growth in certain areas. tax cuts, we're not cutting anybody taxes. we're asking for specific considerations. in areas where we are slowly, eventually reducing the growth of pay increases. there will still be pay increases. other areas, we think these responsible, we don't think it breaks faith with our people. b
that is favored by republicans. president obama wants to expand the earned income tax credit for another 13 million americans. that program gives tax breaks to the working poor. the president would pay its $60 billion costs by closing loopholes for wealthier taxpayers, $300 billion for highways bridges and transit. the budget is nearly $4 trillion. that's slightly higher than the current budget. >>> the president is trying to put the middle east peace process back on track this morning, meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu monday. they discussed syria, iran and stalled negotiations with the palestinians. pressing netanyahu to meet a compromise. netanyahu says israel is doing its part. >> the best way is to do this is be strong. that's what the people of israel expect of me to stand strong against russia, to stand strong. >>> this morning the fight against cell phone theft is gaining some momentum. new york congressman's bill comes after a similar push in the senate. elaine quijano looks at the controversy that's also getting support from the police commiss
proposapropo. it pulls back cuts to social security, approves new money for education and higher taxes for the wealthy. it also includes projection on unemployment. ton employment rate was 6.6% in january and it's projected to not hit prerecession levels. falls to 5.4% in 2018. that's ten years after the recession began. >>> electronic retailer radioshack says it's close about 1,100 of its stores. in stores that were open at least a year, sales dropped 19% last quarter. radioshack has admitted its stores are out of date and needs a makeover. >>> and unite airlines is cracking down on passengers with oversized bags. they'll be sent back to ticket counter, they'll be charged a $25 bagged fee. too many passengers are trying to put too much in the overhead bin. anne-marie. >> i've seen those. they're basically suitcases they're trying to pass off as carry- carry-on. >>> texas held its first state wide election at this time of year. she won the democratic nomination for governor. she'll face attorney general greg abbott. cornyn and sessions defeated tea party challenges and george p. bush w
. >> reporter: next to the eyebrow hub is the liberty tax service. you would hardly notice it from the road and that's a problem, says owner brett meltser. so he hired this man. meet andy goodwin. he is a professional statue of liberty. rain or shine, andy marches across the parking lot to the corner of cabot and emola. he let's folks know they can get their taxes done right here in the strip mall. but there's a problem. >> the city decided they don't like sinewavers. >> reporter: napa has an ordinance against distracting signs. the city says that includes human signs, too. >> he indicated there is a $500 a day fine if i continue to do that. >> reporter: so brett had an idea. he added this small line to the bottom of the sign protesting the ordinance and said, poof! andy is now a protestor. and brett says protesting is legal. is this protesting or marketing? >> this is protesting. i wanted to market, but basically the city has said i can't do it this way. so it's a protest. >> reporter: statue of liberty andy says folks are supportive. people wave and people honk. andy says he likes being
the bart board went d with the meausre - they wou not support and extenstion n alameda tax extension that would greatly benefit the system. the unions told bart directors that they only ha much campaign money - and tt they could spend it either to help convince voters to pass the tax - oro fight the strike ban - bart stands to gain or $700 million in the tax pas- ad-lib colum highlights. anchor reaction still to our drt motivated an extreme makeover...that you can do plus, some california lawmakers support lowering e drinking age for wine. but's not for everyone. coming up...we'll explain. oc:"it's all ahead on face e nation" officials say a deadly knife attack ,,,,,,,,,,,, in train station in china w terrorist attack victims say a group of moren 10 people armed with long ks stormed a train station. the attackers slashed anybody ty saw. 29 people are dead and 143 others were hurt. pe killed four of the assailan. they are calling it terrori- and blaming muslim separati rescuers say about 100 good samaritans came together yesterday to help them find three people buried in a
,000 a month to stay home, money that comes from your tax dollars. >> in this situation where you have somebody forced to leave his office, he's no longer doing the people's business, therefore i think there's an open question as to whether or not they should continue to get paychecks. >> reporter: this professor of george law school says the state must be careful taking away pay too early in the legal process. >> it could also look bad to kick people out before they're convicted. >> reporter: but it's argued there ought to be tougher standards. >> public officials should always be held to a higher standard. they are acting on the public's behalf. >> reporter: there are no specific rules about forfeiting salaries. a senate leader currently darrell steinberg is allowed to use his discretion when determining whether a lawmaker should get paid or not. >> consistently the legislative bodies have not expelled members until they're proven guilty. so until they're expelled they're treated as if they're still on the job to a certain extent. >> reporter: the last time a senator was expelled was 109
nearly $8,000 a month to stay home. money that comes from the tax dollars. >> in this situation where you have somebody who's been forced to leave his office, host no longer doing -- he's no longer doing the people's business. therefore i think there's an open question as to whether or not they continue to get their paychecks. >> reporter: the professor says the state must be careful taking pay away early. >> before they're convicted. >> reporter: but they article there out to be tougher -- ought to be stuffer standards. >> they are octobering on -- acting on the public's behalf. >> reporter: as it stands the senate leader is allowed to use his discretion when determining whether a lawmaker is paid or not. >> consistently, the legislative bodies tend to handle it that they don't actually expel a member until the member has been proven guilty and so until the member is expelled, they're treated as if they're still on the job to a certain extent. >> reporter: the last time a senator was expelled was 109 years ago. it was a system that does not appear likely to change anytime soon. >> and th
education, expanded tax credits for low income workers without children, and higher taxes on the wealthy. while it's sure to face republican opposition, the budget gives democrats a playbook heading into the midterm elections. >>> a new jersey teenager is in court today not facing charges, but facing her own parents who she's suing. 18-year-old rachel canning says her parents have abandoned her and are refusing the pay her tuition. -- to pay her tuition. she's an honors student and clear heeder and -- cheerleader and lacrosse player. her father who's a retired police chief says that rachel is rebellious and refuses to live by the rules of his house. >> we have a college funds that's available to her. there's no doubt about that. but it's equivalent of going shopping at a high end store and sending somebody the bill. >> rachel is demanding her parents pay the tuition at the private high school and give her access to that college fund so she can attend after graduation. her lawyer also wants dad to pay the $12,000 in legal fees. she doesn't want the play -- according to her dad doesn't wan
: glad to hear you're getting some rain out there. talking about the new plan that could reduce taxes for the average family by more than $1,000 a year. chair of the house ways and means committee tells us about the big tax overhaul proposal he will unveil today. plus today the fda will consider allowing the creation of a baby from the dna of three people. that's right, we'll have a report on the ethical issues involving in creating designer babies. then we'll introduce you to george p. bush the newest member of the bush family to enter the political arena. the news is back in the morning. we have plenty of it. so we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. we'll see you then. >>> time now 6:51. a controversial bill in arizona pits gay rights against religious beliefs. why the battle is extending beyond state lines to right up here in san francisco. >> tree down on a san bruno home. now how the wednesday winds will affect your commute as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,, [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,tw
in back taxes. the rapper says it will take six months to repay the debt, because of the way he plans to do it. [ laughter ] >> this morning's "eye-opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. >>> >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie. >>> as you wake up in the west, there are signs that the crisis in ukraine may be ended by diplomats and not armies. it may not be easy. top officials from ukraine, russia, the united states, britain, and france are in paris paris. the west is ready to offer ukraine billions of dollars in economic aid, but secretary of state john kerry says this morning that the russians and ukrainians have not yet agreed to meet face to face. >> kerry said yesterday in ukraine's capital that russia broke international law, but there's no need over the violation. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russia and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of the gun dictate what you are trying to achi
is not going to be out mount if they sell all of these gold coins because of taxes. they will get money in taxes. >> there you go. >> all right. thanks, allen. >>> they paid a no for worthless airline tickets -- a thousand dollars of worthless airlines tickets. >>> not out of the draught woods yet, but tonight, see the dramatic difference in the reservoirs in the wake of the recent rain. >> reporter: a gorgeous sunset outside. look at this right there. the sun is finally out after a day of cloud cover. that is the time lapse from berkeley. let's go live outside right now. we have ourselves a gorgeous shot there. rain back in the forecast soon. find out when, coming up. >>> and, heart broken. student athletes crying foul. why a dominant bay area basketball team is eliminated from the playoffs because of a simple mistake off the court. ,, you score little victories every now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. it's one step, no prep, and so good they'll ask for more. land o'lakes sauté express you score little victories e
is with the alliance. according to tax documents the conservative group spent more than $41 million in 2012 to promote dlisian-- christian values and also funded lawsuits an developed legislation to stop abortion and same-sex marriage. >> there is nothing that identifies as individuals as a homosexual. that is a smoke screen. it is a distraction from what this bill is. >> reporter: but lawyers have been outspoken on their views homosexuality. this is one of the group's top attorneys speaking to pastors in illinois last year. >> by being quiet about homosexuality, you may be condemning some of your people to hell. >> reporter: now, governor brewer has until saturday to act on this bill, though she is expected to make a decision by friday. the governor had been under intense pressure from both sides to make a decision. >> pelley: carter evans in phoenix tonight, thanks very much. now another issue for people all over the country, the extreme weather. rain is finally coming to the drought-plagued west, but it may be too much, too fast. and that arctic air mass is spreading, bringing cold temperatures bac
trillion budget plan for 2015 today. he'll propose expanding the earned income tax credit for low-income workers and give a break to parents on child care expenses. he also wants more money for infrastructure, education and job training but congress will most likely ignore. democrats and republicans just signed a two-year budget agreement. >>> the epa announced plans to drastically reduce sulfur in gasoline. the agency says the air will stay cleaner and save thousands of lives. it estimates it will only raise gasoline by a penny a gallon. but the oil industry says it will cost an extra 9 cents a gallon. the new rules start taking in effect in 2017. >>> the dish network signed a deal with disney that could change the future of tv. it lets the satellite network stream abc shows over the internet like netflix. no start date has been announced. dish also reaches controversial ads for abc shows. >>> and, anne-marie, the rich are getting richer. forbes says a record 1645 people made the billionaires list. microsoft co-founder bill gates is once again the world's richest person with an e
, president obama sent congress a $3.9 trillion budget for next year. it includes tax increases on the wealthy and spending on things like roads and job training. little of it will pass the republican house. the budget would also shrink the armed forces. what might happen if tens of thousands of service members join the workforce? here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: jim reid retired from the u.s. army as a lieutenant colonel in 2011, after 27 years and nine combat deployments. he went looking for a job as a civilian. did you think, "at the time when i become a civilian, i'm going to have a skill set that i can use?" >> oh, absolutely. i'm a nurse anesthetist. so an easily transferable skill, something hospitals use every day throughout the country. >> reporter: and you still had a rough time. >> i did. i did. >> reporter: reid has worked at three hospitals in three years and been laid off twice. >> it was very difficult to deal with, and it kind of made me question, you know, myself a little bit, first time in a long time that i had to do that. >> reporter: the unemployment rate for post-9/11
sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. some supervisors want to add a tax on sugary drinks which would help fund nutrition and physical education programs in our schools. >>> new this morning, a hot sauce factory can keep operating in irwindale in southern california at least for two more months. neighbors have been complaining about the spicy smells from the sriracha plant. the city council decided last night to give the factory until april to get a new filtration system working. the air quality management district expects new test results next month. >>> a $25,000 reward is out for whoever is trying to kill san francisco dogs with poisoned meatballs. the suspect scattered nearly 3 dozen suspicious meatballs in twin peaks last weekend. yelp's ceo is funding most of the reward money. in a statement, he said, my dog darwin is a big part of my life. i can't imagine losing him to this kind of thoughtless cruelty and i hope no one else does either. >>> new this morning, a man who pleaded guilty in the bryan stow beating in los angeles will remain in custody on unrelated
it easier for studios to qualify for tax breaks starting this spring to encourage the next afternoon tar. sky fall, inception, batman. and it all began with that film ceo adrian wootton says it helps that much of the creative talent is crammed within the radius of a few blocks. >> people actually like being here because they can walk out of place where they're having coffee and a sandwich and they can walks over to their post production ifl and walk around the corner and see how the sound mixing is going 200 yards away. >> recognizing that home grown talent is maybe why "gravity" grabbed britain's version of the osca oscar. >> and it goes to "gravity." >> reporter: special effects have come a long way since dangling a space ship on a string. now it's a snap to be thrust into space but the special effects in granty are a game charger. >>> in scenes where they appear to be flying, the cameras are flying to them. in others, only their faces are real. alphonil folfonso coron had to with the goods. >> 1.8 million little lights constantly changing to create maufl reflecting the sun, the earth,
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)